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Your Premium Digital Media Technology Partner

Media North is your premium digital media technology partner. We provide digital advertising technology solutions that add value to the advertising spectrum, reaching millions of audiences in contextually relevant moments, ready to engage with premium brands. Our solutions are founded on solid strategic partnerships with premium publishers and technology partners to continuously bring innovation into the digital advertising sector.

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Computer Vision

Our AI algorithms analyze graphics, texts, and videos, distinguishing 10 000 types of objects, including people’s emotions and different situations to make contextual targeting more efficient than ever before.

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In-image full picture features

Banner is spreading for whole editorial picture (max 5 sec.). Available on mobile and desktop. After 5 sec In-Image Full Picture is changing into In-Image Stripe. Thanks to large ad-space an interactive mechanic is available. Surcharge 30%.

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In-image stripe features

Banner covered up to 20% of editorial picture. Available on mobile and desktop

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