We are a fast-growing, innovative technology solutions provider to local SMMEs.

We have a proven track record in empowering Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and industry professionals to make use of available digital tools for growth and sustainability.

Our unique people-led, technology-powered and result-driven, approach empowers clients to be more competitive and efficient in their areas of specialization.

Leveraging quality and excellence at our disposal, all our customers’ affairs are taken care of by qualified and experienced personnel. We ensure that we always allocate the best person available for the job.

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Let's Create Legacies

ALTOVART was founded in 2013 and is fast emerging as a leader in digital transformation for Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs). We started this business to help clients achieve success through thoughtfully applied technology solutions that take full account of their business needs, objectives, and goals.

We focus on providing tailored and individualized technology offerings that are delivered on time, within budget and of the highest industry standards.

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Tailored Solutions

Our focus is not on technology solutions but on business solutions that are backed by technology. We possess both the experience and expertise to offer our customers comprehensive tailor-made solutions to suit every customer’s specific business needs.

We do not believe that our customers should grab every new gadget or solution that comes into the picture. We help our customers acquire the necessary technology solutions while avoiding the less necessary and the unnecessary.

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